December 16, 2018

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Economic Development Committee


The Franklin Economic Development Committee is a voluntary group of professionals affiliated for the purpose of providing advise to the Economic Development Manager, Town Council, as well as various Town Boards, on matters related to economic development within the town of Franklin. While the EDC does not make final decisions as to approval of new businesses or expansions to existing facilities, it takes a proactive approach in its advisory role. Our Economic Development Manager is available to work with developers and prospective business owners to explain regulations and opportunities within the Franklin community. Franklin is a fertile environment for growing your business. We have pride in our past, and faith in our future! Feel free to contact Borough Hall with questions at 973-827-9280 – x100

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Franklin Municipal Building, 46 Main Street, Franklin, NJ at 7:00 PM or Hardyston Municipal Building, 149 Wheatsworth Road, Hardyston, NJ  07416.  No meeting in August.

JANUARY 11, 2018
FEBRUARY 8, 2018
MARCH 8, 2018
MAY 10, 2018
JUNE 14, 2018
JULY 12, 2018
AUGUST 9, 2018
SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
NOVEMBER 8, 2018
DECEMBER 13, 2018

APRIL 12, 2018, 7:00 (at the Hardyston Municipal Building)
OCTOBER 11, 2018, 7:00 (at the Franklin Municipal Building)


(All 1 yr terms, expire 12/31/18)

Member Michael Raperto
Member Judy Williams
Member Vacant
Alternate #1 Vacant
Alternate #2 Vacant

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