46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416  |    Phone: 973-827-9280

46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
Phone: 973-827-9280

Municipal Clerk

WELCOME to the Office of the Municipal Clerk

Darlene J. Tremont, Municipal Clerk/CMR – clerk@franklinborough.org
Colleen Little, Deputy Municipal Clerk –

The Borough Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Mayor and Council.  The Clerk attends meetings of the governing body and keeps the minutes of the meetings.

The Clerk records all ordinances and resolutions in books provided for that purpose.  For each ordinance, the Clerk records and certifies the proof of publication  as required by law.  The Clerk signs each ordinance and resolution attesting that it was fully adopted upon a date stated, and when signed and sealed, the recorded copy is deemed a public record.

The Clerk, with assistance from the Borough Attorney, binds compiles or codifies all the ordinances or true copies thereof which then remain in force and effect.  The Clerk shall also properly index the record books, compilation or codification of ordinances.  The Clerk is the Custodian of Records and has custody of  all  records, books and documents of the Borough except those committed by ordinance to other offices or transferred thereto by the Mayor and Council.

The Clerk, under the supervision of the Mayor & Council is the depository for official surety bonds, performance bonds, leases and insurance contracts. The Clerk performs all the functions required of that position by General Election Law and other laws or ordinances relating to elections.

The Clerk administers the provisions of the Borough ordinances with reference to licensing of occupations and activities for which licenses are required to be obtained from the Clerk

 NJ Statutes define the Municipal Clerk’s responsibilities as:

  • Secretary to the Governing Body
  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation
  • Administrative and Licensing Officer
  • Election Administrator and Registrar of Voters
  • Custodian of Records

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