46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416  |    Phone: 973-827-9280

46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
Phone: 973-827-9280


2023 Ordinances
OrdinanceDescription                                      Adopted       
2023-01To Exceed the Municipal budget Appropriation limits and to establish a cap bank02-14-2023
2023-02Capital Ordinance providing for Water Sewer System Improvements appropriating $494,140.25 therefore from the grant proceeds received pursuant to the Federal American Rescue Plan to pay for a portion of the cost thereof02-28-2023
2023-03Setting Range of Salaries for Certain Officers and Employees03-14-2023
2023-04Bond Ordinance Providing supplemental funding for improvements to the elevated water storage tank 04-11-2023
2023-05An Ordinance modifying Chapter 248 Towing05-23-2023
2023-06Bond Ordinance for Various Road Improvements06-13-2023
2023-07 B-2 Zone Amendment07-18-2023
2023-08Escrow Account Deposit07-18-2023
2023-09 Purchase of two Ford F350 Pickup Trucks 09-12-2023
2023-10Yard waste09-26-2023
2023-11Pet Waste09-26-2023
2023-12 Replacing Section 60-15 Regarding Police Assignments for traffic control and other events10-10-2023
2023-13Modifying Chapter 168 Regarding LItter10-10-2023
2023-14Modifying Section 230-6 regarding disposal of waste10-10-2023
2023-15 Lead Based Paint Inspections10-24-2023
2023-16Chapter 215 storm Sewers10-24-2023
2023-17Privately Owned Salt Storage10-24-2023

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46 Main Street
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