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46 Main Street Franklin, NJ  07416
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Administrative Division

In keeping with our core values, the administrative division provides broad support and service to every Franklin Borough Police Department division. Though typically not in the public view, the administrative division’s main priorities are ensuring integrity and fairness in all public interactions, regardless of the circumstances or classification of contact. The administrative division is directly responsible for establishing operational readiness via appropriate officer training, acquiring necessary tools and equipment, conducting thorough and complete investigations of any complaints against sworn personnel, and recording accolades and officer commendations. As an accredited agency, the administrative division ensures consistent personnel performance and quality services are carried out by the sworn members of our department.

Extra-Duty Employment

Officers are available to provide traffic control or security through extra-duty employment. In addition to an officer's regularly scheduled duties, private contractors can pay for officers to assist with maintaining the safety of crews, pedestrians, and the motoring public within the work zone. Officers can also be hired to provide security for private events with the approval of the Chief of Police. 

The Borough of Franklin has contracted Extra Duty Solutions (EDS) to administer the agency extra-duty program, including client interaction, communicating, scheduling, and invoicing extra-duty police services. Requests for extra-duty services shall be made directly to EDS by completing the Franklin Boro Extra Duty Detail Application. Call EDS at (973) 668-4070 or  FranklinBoroNJ@ExtraDutySolutions.com with any questions.

All police officers providing extra-duty police services are considered on duty, will function under the supervision of the Chief of Police, and maintain all employment rights while assigned to work extra-duty.

See Ordinance No. 12-2023 for further information regarding extra-duty employment fees and rates.

Annual Report


This comprehensive overview summarizes our department's efforts, achievements, and the challenges we've encountered throughout the past year. From community outreach programs to crime prevention initiatives, every facet of our commitment to serving and protecting Franklin Borough is highlighted in this report. 

At the heart of this report lies our unwavering dedication to transparency and accountability. We firmly believe that keeping our community informed about our actions and endeavors is not just a duty, but a fundamental aspect of our profession. By opening our doors and sharing our successes and challenges, we strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the citizens we serve.


We encourage all residents to take a moment to review the report, as it serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of Franklin Borough. Your support and engagement are vital as we continue striving for excellence in our service to you.

Administrative Division Commander

Capt. Seamus Geddis
Phone: (973) 827-7700 ext. 229


Borough of Franklin


15 Corkhill Road
Franklin Borough, NJ 07416

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Public Safety

In case of emergency, dial 911 For non-emergencies, dial (973) 827-7700.

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